Find the Best Campsite Cell Coverage With This Roadpass Pro Member Benefit

Jul 24, 2021 |

Find the Best Campsite Cell Coverage With This Roadpass Pro Member Benefit

By Sara Sheehy

Need to do a bit of work while you travel? Don’t want to miss your favorite TV show? Feel more comfortable when you’re camped within range of a cell tower? Whatever your reason for wanting to camp with cell service, our Cell Service Map Overlay—a Roadpass Pro Member Benefit—is exactly what you need for locating that perfect campsite for your next trip.

Class A and car boondocked in the desert.

Cieneguita Camping Area | Elgin, AZ – Photo by: Traviscf

What is a Cell Service Coverage Map?

Each of the major cell service providers in the United States—Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile—publishes a map that illustrates where you can expect to find cell service when using one of their devices. With our Cell Service Map Overlay, available to Roadpass Pro Member, you can turn on those maps right within Campendium’s website or iOS app to see which campsites do and do not fall within the advertised range of your provider’s service.

Especially if you live in one of the country’s more populated areas, you might be surprised to learn that cell phone service does not reach every square mile of the United States. While the vast majority of the country does have some form of service (speed and strength vary widely), there are large swaths of land, particularly in the western US, where you won’t find a single bar of service.

Whether you’re choosing to get away from it all and actively seek spots without coverage or feel more comfortable knowing that your phone will work in case of emergency, our Cell Service Map Overlay can help you find just the right campsite.

Benefits of Cell Service While Camping

There are many reasons why you may choose to camp within cell range. Here are just a few of the benefits of having working cellular devices at your campsite:

Trip Planning and Reservations: The ability to access your internet browser and travel apps (like Campendium!) while you’re on the road makes trip research, reservations, and last-minute changes much easier. When you’re looking for dispersed camping or locating that off-the-beaten-path hiking trail nearby, having cell service can make all the difference.

Stay Connected to Friends and Family: Keeping in touch with your loved ones while you travel not only lets you share your experiences but can also give them the peace of mind to know that you are happy, healthy, and safe.

Work and Travel: With more people working remotely these days, some choose to take their jobs on the road. Most remote jobs require fast, reliable cell service that will allow you to check email, log into conference calls, and complete your work tasks.

Handle Emergencies: While we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time while they’re camping, emergencies do pop up from time to time. Having cell service means that you can contact emergency personnel and request assistance at the press of a button, rather than needing to travel to find service or having to carry a satellite transmitter.

Relax With Your Favorite Shows: Even when you’re camped in the most beautiful places in North America, there may be nights when all you want to do is relax in bed and watch your favorite TV show. A strong cell connection means that you can catch up with the latest episode of Outlander while snuggled into your campsite.

Campendium cell coverage map

The Roadpass Pro Member Benefit: Cell Service Overlay

To see cell service overlays for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, start by searching for the state or region where you’d like to camp and then click the Cell Service Map Overlay button on the right side of the map. It looks like four signal bars, much like the icon that tracks signal strength on your cell phone screen.

From there, you can zoom in, change your base map, turn on and off other overlays, and see campsites you’ve marked as a Favorite. The overlay is available on both the website and the Campendium iOS app.

Note that like the cell service overlay you’ll find on your service provider’s website, our overlay shows where there should be cell coverage, but it’s neither exact nor is it an indication of how strong or weak a signal is. For more detailed information on a particular campsite, click through to the campsite’s page and tap the “Cell Service” tab to see community reports of cell phone coverage. You may also find speed ratings and other useful information, like whether or not a booster was needed to access the signal, in individual reviews.

Check Out These Free Campsites With Stellar Cell Coverage

For some of us, the best campsites are the ones that have great cell coverage, beautiful views, and are free to stay. Here are just a few of the boondocking campsites around the United States that hit this trifecta of awesome.

Tom’s Best Spring Dispersed Camping, UtahClose to Bryce Canyon National Park lies Tom’s Best Spring Dispersed camping, a high-altitude camping area with ample space, confirmed cell service, and scenic views.

Fifth wheel parked in the desert at sunset.

Cieneguita Camping Area | Elgin, AZ – Photo by: 188sqft

Cieneguita Camping Area, ArizonaQuiet seclusion awaits at Ciengeguita Camping Area in Arizona’s Hill Country. Check out nearby Patagonia State Park, and take a day trip to historic Tombstone or quirky Bisbee.

Teardrop camper and tow vehicle parked on the beach.

Brazoria Beach | Surfside Beach, TX – Photo by: FTBoondocker

Brazoria Beach, Texas: Enjoy fast cell service at this free county park on the Gulf Coast of Texas. The packed sand beach is easy to drive and you can stay for up to 14 days, soaking in those gorgeous Gulf sunsets.

Fifth-wheel parked in a meadow.

Bootjack Dispersed Camping | Island Park, ID – Photo by: Kristen

Bootjack Dispersed Camping, IdahoClose enough to enjoy Yellowstone but far enough away to escape the crowds, Bootjack Dispersed Camping in Island Park, Idaho is the best of both worlds, with work-friendly cell service to boot.

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