Campgrounds Open & Closed Due to COVID-19 (Updated July 2021)

Mar 13, 2020 | News

Campgrounds Open & Closed Due to COVID-19 (Updated July 2021)

By Campendium

Open campsite in Utah

Pony Express Dispersed Dugway, UT – Photo by: Grand Adventure

Updated July 1st, 2021 at 1:30 PM EST

Throughout most of 2020 and into 2021, the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted life across America – including access to campgrounds. Initially, numerous campgrounds closed due to the virus. Most campgrounds later reopened, some completely, some partially, and some with procedures and/or facility limitations to address the concerns of COVID-19. This page has tracked public and private campgrounds, RV parks, and dispersed camping locations that are currently closed, are not accepting new reservations, or are operating with restrictions prohibiting some types of campers. If you would like to add information or a place to this list, please submit closures – or reopenings here.

Please be sure to contact a location directly before setting out – some places that reopened closed again due to local COVID-19 outbreaks, or are operating with restrictions that may cause you to reconsider your stay.

Table of Contents:
Open RV Parks and Campgrounds
National Park Closures
Army Corp of Engineers (COE) Closures
Chain Campground Closures
Military Campground Closures
State-by-State Closures & Responses
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Are campgrounds open for camping during the Coronavirus?

The CDC addresses travel, stating “delay travel until you are fully vaccinated. If you are not fully vaccinated and must travel, follow CDC’s recommendations for unvaccinated people.

This document addresses Coronavirus-related closures or limitations only. Seasonal closures or closures due to other disasters or reasons are not included in this document.

Quick Stats

  • While many state park campground systems closed partially or completely during the initial months of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, in the late summer of 2020 all state park campgrounds had reopened in some capacity. While a few areas imposed tighter restrictions or closures again in December 2020, all are currently operating on their typical seasonal schedule.
  • Army Corps of Engineers (COE) campgrounds, which were uniformly closed nationwide in early Spring 2020 due to the pandemic, have largely reopened.
  • Many casinos and their corresponding parking lots, which often permit overnight parking, closed during the early months of the pandemic. While many have reopened to overnight parking, we recommend you have a backup plan if intending to utilize a casino parking lot as an overnight resting location.

National Park Closures

NPS statement & response to COVID-19.

Many national parks are operating in limited capacities. Please check directly with a park’s website or ranger system before attempting to visit.

Army Corps of Engineers (COE) Response

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE) was the first overseeing body to mass close their campgrounds due to the Coronavirus pandemic. COE managed campgrounds in every Division and District in the nation began an orderly shutdown beginning on March 20th. Beginning May 15th, Army Corps Divisions, and the districts within them were permitted to reopen campgrounds and campsites based on local mandates.

A full map of Army Corps Division and District locations can be seen here.

We recommend contacting any COE camping area directly before arrival to confirm availability and restrictions.

Chain Campground Responses

Military Campground Closures

  • Multiple military RV parks and campgrounds across the U.S. closed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. U.S. Military Campgrounds & RV Parks is tracking these closures on their website.

State-by-State Closures & Responses

Complete List of State-by-State Closures

It is highly recommended you contact any RV park, campground, or public camping management service before arrival.

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