2-Way Full Range Speakers

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“Ever notice how RV manufacturers only put in the very best, high end equipment into the rigs they build? Yeah, me neither. Which means my Lance travel trailer came with some really crappy speakers. I suffered with them for 3.5 years and finally had enough.

In went with these inexpensive, but light years ahead when it comes to sound, Rockford Fosgate speakers. I installed slightly less expensive versions first, and ended up buying this model for the second set (I have two sets of speakers in my small space). Sound quality is slightly better for this model, but quite frankly anything is better than the crap that came in my rig.

My speakers are ceiling mounted, and the Lance ceilings are very, very shallow (they aren’t sporting the 5 inches of insulation that many rigs have), so I couldn’t directly replace the existing shallow-depth speakers. I had to buy these 1 inch spacers and all was right with the world.”

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