Bike Rack

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“Over the span of almost 4 years on the road, we’ve been through two towed vehicles – but we’ve kept our bike carrying system the same across both.

We’ve found the Thule Bike Rack system to be efficient and safe across use on both our RAV4 and our Jeep Wrangler.

It takes bout 2 minutes to load our two bikes onto the back of our Jeep. We then have the option of using the Thule’s built in lock-and-key system, or wrapping our bike lock around the system. We usually do both.

And, if you were wondering if the Thule system can be used for more than just bikes, well, yes! With the help of a few extra bungee cords or tie-downs, we’ve attached our snowboards to the rack, and recently attached a Christmas tree to the system – and then hauled it over 800 miles, without a glitch.”

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