Easy DIY Bug Screen

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“When you live in a van, you spend a lot of time outdoors, in fact your van is always outdoors, which means your home is outdoors. And outdoors means bugs. We left home without one and after being in the Midwest in springtime soon realized how vitally important this simple piece of fabric could be. We bought our first one, “made specifically for high roof Sprinter vans”. It was on sale for a little over $200.00 but it came with no instructions and we could make no sense of how to put it together. So we instead tried one of these screens for just over $60, and being commitment-phobic, we also ordered some strong magnets to hold it up. And this one works great – just slap a few magnets over it along all the edges, and stick a small amount of Velcro to the van and voila – instant inexpensive bug protection!”

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