Luci – The Original Inflatable Solar Light

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“The perfect lightweight, solar powered lantern! This small inflatable lantern provides 8+ hours of bright light on a single charge. It’s perfect for the picnic table, hanging from the awning, or even illuminating the way on a late evening hike or paddle around the lake. When not in use, the lantern deflates and stores flat.

“These solar lights were a Christmas gift during our first year of traveling. We love them so much, we’ve purchased a couple more. They’re great ambient lighting at night. We typically place one underneath our step to illuminate the bottom step for safety. The batteries last long enough and they seem to always catch a charge, even on cloudy days.”

“This is another item that was gifted to us. Right before we set out on the road, we had a get-together and some friends gave us this Luci camp light as a going away present. It has been wonderful – so simple and yet so useful and versatile. We leave it flattened out on the dashboard with its solar panels up when not in use. So it’s always charging and always ready. Then when we need light outside, we inflate it and we’re good to go. We’ve used it extensively in the southwest, where pack rats are a common problem. Pack rats apparently don’t like light, so we pop our hood and (after the engine has cooled of course) set this on the air cleaner or right on the valve cover and leave it all night. It keeps the engine compartment lit up (but not too bright for other people camping) and it keeps the rats away.”

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