Tire Pressure Monitor System

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“We are thorough and cautious when it comes to driving our behemoth from one location to the next. We run through our checklist – and then check the checklist to make sure it’s been thoroughly checked before putting our beast into 1st gear and slowly pulling out of our current spot.

Manually checking the pressure of each of our 8 tires for proper weight before take-off was the most dreaded task on that checklist – until we committed to a TPMS system. Now checking tire pressure takes about 10 seconds and does not involve greasy hands.

And, as an added bonus, we can now monitor our towed vehicle while we’re in motion! Which is probably good for the safety of everyone on the road – and also eases my anxiety that we’ll have a blowout or slow leak in the tires on our towed and we won’t notice it until we’ve ground our towed wheels up to axle. Hey, we’ve heard horror stories.”

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