2020 Gift Guide for Campers

Nov 8, 2020 |

2020 Gift Guide for Campers

By Campendium

pest deterrent

Ultrasonic Rat Deterrent

“We learned the hard way this year that packrats can easily cause thousands of dollars of damage. Those little boogers chewed through some very important wires in our truck and we were stuck for a solid week while it was in the shop. Since then, we’ve installed two devices that should help keep them away. They mount in the hood of your car and emit a high pitched ultrasonic frequency that rodents hate. It also flashes lights in different patters, intervals, and colors”

Tiny Shiny Home

telescoping ladder

Telescoping Ladder

“You never know when you’ll need a ladder while traveling full-time. During the winter months we need one to tilt our solar panels on the roof. And it helps having a ladder when washing our trailer, too. This retractable, telescoping ladder collapses down very small so we can fit it in the bed of our truck!”

Tiny Shiny Home

level mate pro

Bluetooth Vehicle Leveling System

“When we get to a new campsite, we like to be as efficient as possible when we setup so we have more time to enjoy the area. That is why we have the Level Mate Pro on our rig. It helps us get our rig level every time without any trouble. We just flip the switch on, pull up the app and we know exactly what we need to do to get it level. It also helps us find the more level spots before we even start the leveling setup.”

The Gillis Family

happy camper holding tank treatment

Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment

“The holding tank treatment shelf at your RV store is like the toothpaste aisle at the drugstore. WAY too many choices. The liquid containers, the measuring, the spills turned me off to most of the options out there. Somewhere in the southwest I picked up a small container of this powdered product and have used it even since. I carry a medium size 40 treatment container but refill it with this Costco sized bucket.”

Jonathan & Michael

Portable Air Compressor

Portable Air Compressor

“For years we relied on gas stations for filling the air in our trailer tires, and as a result, we rarely checked and filled the air in our tires. This is not a great safety practice considering they say you should check your tire pressure before every trip. Had we realized how small and reasonably priced a portable air compressor was, we would have bought one before we ever hit the road. Oh, and it’s also nice to have after you air your tires down when driving on sand.”

Leigh & Brian

drone photography

DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone

“Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re here to stay. Drones can be a touchy subject for some. Haters would just prefer that they didn’t exist but the truth is they’re an amazing tool for creating extraordinary images and perspectives that would not otherwise be possible. It just so happens that they’re an ideal companion for travelers because of how well they capture the scale and beauty of any given place. This particular model is so lightweight, affordable, and astonishingly capable that it’s a no-brainer.”


honda generator

Honda 2200 Generator

“Generators: everyone hates to love them but sometimes you just have to have one! We have the Honda 2200 inverter generators and we have been very impressed with their efficiency and how quiet they are. We don’t use them often, but we have needed at least one to top off our batteries when we haven’t had sunshine for the day. Definitely a must-have (even as a backup to solar) when boondocking.”

Tanner and Nallely

Water Pressure Regulator Valve

Water Pressure Regulator Valve

“All RVers know you need a pressure regulator for those times you go to connect to that water source that has 90 PSI or even higher at times. This one is adjustable so you can set the water pressure you want within reason.”

The Gillis Family

berkey water filter

Berkey Water Filter

“It is really important to us to know we are drinking safe water anywhere we go. We really love our Berkey because these filters last for several years, they are easy to clean, and they filter out 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and more. This 1.5 gallon size is perfect for us and we added a simple strap to hold it in place while traveling.”

Brad & Maggie

Renogy 200 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase

“We love our ground deploy solar. We currently have 2 of these units (w/o the built in charge controller) wired to a Victron Smart Solar 100/30. Having 400 watts on the ground that you can aim at the sun is great. It’s nice to be able to park the rig in a more shaded area if needed, or have plenty of power on the overcast days (we also have 4 100 watt Renogy Eclipse panels on the roof into a separate Victron controller.”

Chris & ShawnChris & Shawn

covered ice cube tray

Covered Ice Cube Trays

“We cannot say enough good things about these! The ice slides right out (very unlike the ice cube trays of our childhoods) and the silicone “lids” are fantastic. Even on a travel day we can fill the trays, seal them up and drive off without any leakage in the freezer.”

Heather & Jeff

Light It lamp

Light It!

“Having upgraded all my ceiling lights in the RV to LEDs, I have more than enough light when I need it. But sometimes, just a little light in the right place is all you need. This nicely designed desk lamp is perfect – it can be moved to where you need it (inside or out) and directs the light down. It has a pleasing heft to it as well.”

Jonathan & Michael

anderson levelling chocks

Anderson Leveler Chocks

“I used to use the very common Lynx Levelers blocks for leveling. I still do on occasion, but the wedge shaped Andersen levelers are way easier to use. I use the Andersens now almost every time. It’s a matter of not having to “guess” how many blocks to use. You only have to either drive a little forwards or backwards on the wedge to get it right. If the Andersen isn’t high enough, I then will use my blocks, but this is rare. You can potentially also use the Andersen wedge to get up onto high stacked blocks. Winning.”


lynx levelers

Tri-Lynx Levelers

“Every RV or campervan needs at least one set of these levelers inside. For our campervan, they are essential to get the van level (otherwise, our Dometic propane fridge refuses to run). They are also great for protecting the ground underneath built-in stabilizers.”

Sara and Mike

fatboy lamp

Fatboy Edison the Petit Lamp

“The overhead lighting in our trailer is blindingly awful; we absolutely hate it. Add to that fact, we’ve always preferred table and floor lighting, we were in love with the Fatboy lamp at first sight. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but it’s an awesome little lamp and it being cordless (micro USB rechargeable) allows us to use it in/outside.”

Dave & Kelly

RV lock

RVLock Compact Keyless Entry

“The RV Locks we installed were a huge upgrade for our RV. We knew we were getting a more convenient way to lock and unlock our RV, but they function much smoother than our original locks. No more need to slam the doors in the RV which makes my wife much happier.”

The Gillis Family

Epic Wipes

Epic Wipes

“Boondocking usually requires less showering to conserve water. For those times when water is low but the smell is strong, we highly recommend Epic Wipes. They’re made with essential oils and no harmful chemicals – plus they’re biodegradable and pack small. What’s not to love?”

Tiny Shiny Home

bpa free water jug

BPA-Free 5.5 Gallon Water Storage Container

“Over the years, we’ve tried a few different water storage methods, and have found that in addition to being BPA-free, the Reliance Rhino Water Jugs are sturdy, the easiest to hold while emptying into our tanks and have a nice slim profile for storage.”

Leigh & Brian

wash bin

Collapsible Dish Tub

“Great for washing dishes and catching water that would go down the sink and take fill up the gray tank. Collapses down to a couple inches tall for easy storage.”

Scott & Jamie

wine glasses

Wine Glasses with Protective Sleeves

“As much as we love our bamboo cups, we still think wine tastes better out of a glass, so we purchased these with a protective sleeve. They’ve traveled well for us for almost 2 years without breaking. Bonus: we always know whose drink is whose because we use different colors.”

Heather & Jeff

pour over coffee thermos

Pour-Over Brewer with Stainless Thermal Carafe

“We loved our french press coffee maker but it required a lot of water to clean up and coffee grounds would always go down the drain. We found the Melitta pour over 10 cup coffee maker with stainless steel carafe makes great coffee and is easy to clean up with regular cone filters. The carafe keeps the coffee hot so no need to use the microwave to reheat.”

Scott & Jamie

paper towel holder

Paper Towel Holder

“This is one of the best things we’ve ever purchased for our trailer. Since counter space is so limited it’s great to get the paper towels up and out of the way. It holds even the biggest rolls without a problem.”

Heather & Jeff

luci light

Luci – The Original Inflatable Solar Light

“The perfect lightweight, solar powered lantern! This small inflatable lantern provides 8+ hours of bright light on a single charge. It’s perfect for the picnic table, hanging from the awning, or even illuminating the way on a late evening hike or paddle around the lake. When not in use, the lantern deflates and stores flat.

Amanda & Tim

garmin inreach mini

Garmin InReach Mini

“Be it a few hours or a few days, we regularly venture deep into areas with no cellphone coverage. While it’s nice to be disconnected from the outside world, we prefer to do so knowing that if needed, we can always maintain basic communications. The unit works over satellite networks and will ensure two-way texting virtually anywhere on the world. More, in a worst-case scenario, the emergency SOS function will send the cavalry in for a wilderness rescue. A data subscription is required (we pay $10.99 month), but for us the peace of mind is well worth the cost.”

Dave & Kelly