2021 Gift Guide for Campers

Nov 3, 2021 |

2021 Gift Guide for Campers

By Campendium

Treat your favorite RVer (or yourself) to some of the best camping gear from the Campendium Community Shop this past year!

Refrigerator Bars

Refrigerator Bars

“Gone are the days that my stuff falls out of the fridge or INTO the door shelf. I had plenty of spills before I got these refrigerator bars. Now when I open the door, there are no surprises. Being a very careless person when it comes to taking care of my physical “stuff,” (including putting tops on leftovers properly) these are a cleanup/time saver!”

a tiny photo of KellyKelly’s Favorite Camping Gear

No spill ice cube trays

No-Spill Ice Cube Trays

“We cannot say enough good things about these! The ice slides right out (very unlike the ice cube trays of our childhoods) and the silicone ‘lids’ are fantastic. Even on a travel day we can fill the trays, seal them up and drive off without any leakage in the freezer.”

a tiny photo of Heather and JeffHeather & Jeff’s Favorite Camping Gear

person holding an electrical cable held together with velcro straps

Velcro Straps

“We lived with a mess in our garage (the space in the back of the van under the bed) for the first 6 months of our journey. Electrical cords, water hose, yoga mats, you name it. Anything that could unroll or unravel would do just that. We did a search for how to organize this stuff and found these velcro straps.”

a tiny photo of Tim and ShannonTim & Shannon’s Favorite Camping Gear

mini dehumidifier

Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

“The corner bed floorplan of this class C rig is conducive to trapping condensation in the storage compartments above the bed. This is particularly a problem in colder months in Michigan when heating, cooking and showering throw a lot of humidity into the air. The granular dehumidifier buckets were messy (and spills are a disaster) so these are a perfect to help keep things dry.”

a tiny photo of Jonathan and MichaelJonathan & Michael’s Favorite Camping Gear

lighter lighting a stove

Plasma Arc Lighter

“If your propane cooktop doesn’t light automatically, a plasma lighter makes lighting easy. A visible electric current flows between two iodes at the touch of a button for quick ignition. The battery lasts a long time and the USB rechargeable version makes charging easy.”

a tiny photo of MargotMargot’s Favorite Camping Gear

someone holding a water bandit

Water Bandit

“When RVing, you will run into life’s little pleasures, like a cut hose when you are trying to fill the water tank. This little device helps quite a bit. It connects a hose to unthreaded faucets or those with stripped threads. It’s not great if you need a lot of water pressure but it works great in a pinch.”

a tiny photo of Adventure TravelersThe Adventure Travelers Favorite Camping Gear

happy camper holding tank treatment

Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment

“The holding tank treatment shelf at your RV store is like the toothpaste aisle at the drugstore. WAY too many choices. The liquid containers, the measuring, the spills turned me off to most of the options out there. Somewhere in the southwest I picked up a small container of this powdered product and have used it even since. I carry a medium size 40 treatment container but refill it with this Costco sized bucket.”

a tiny photo of Jonathan and MichaelJonathan & Michael

pest deterrent

Ultrasonic Rat Deterrent

“We learned the hard way this year that packrats can easily cause thousands of dollars of damage. Those little boogers chewed through some very important wires in our truck and we were stuck for a solid week while it was in the shop. Since then, we’ve installed two devices that should help keep them away. They mount in the hood of your car and emit a high pitched ultrasonic frequency that rodents hate. It also flashes lights in different patters, intervals, and colors”

a tiny photo of Tiny Shiny HomeTiny Shiny Home

Portable Air Compressor

Portable Air Compressor

“For years we relied on gas stations for filling the air in our trailer tires, and as a result, we rarely checked and filled the air in our tires. This is not a great safety practice considering they say you should check your tire pressure before every trip. Had we realized how small and reasonably priced a portable air compressor was, we would have bought one before we ever hit the road. Oh, and it’s also nice to have after you air your tires down when driving on sand.”

a tiny photo of Leigh and BrianLeigh & Brian

level mate pro

Bluetooth Vehicle Leveling System

“When we get to a new campsite, we like to be as efficient as possible when we setup so we have more time to enjoy the area. That is why we have the Level Mate Pro on our rig. It helps us get our rig level every time without any trouble. We just flip the switch on, pull up the app and we know exactly what we need to do to get it level. It also helps us find the more level spots before we even start the leveling setup.”

a tiny photo of The Gillis FamilyThe Gillis Family

Collapsible Dish Tub

“Great for washing dishes and catching water that would go down the sink and take fill up the gray tank. Collapses down to a couple inches tall for easy storage.”

a tiny photo of Scott and JamieScott & Jamie’s Favorite Camping Gear

Light It lamp

Light It!

“Having upgraded all my ceiling lights in the RV to LEDs, I have more than enough light when I need it. But sometimes, just a little light in the right place is all you need. This nicely designed desk lamp is perfect – it can be moved to where you need it (inside or out) and directs the light down. It has a pleasing heft to it as well.”

a tiny photo of Jonathan and MichaelJonathan & Michael

pour over coffee thermos

Pour-Over Brewer with Stainless Thermal Carafe

“We loved our french press coffee maker but it required a lot of water to clean up and coffee grounds would always go down the drain. We found the Melitta pour over 10 cup coffee maker with stainless steel carafe makes great coffee and is easy to clean up with regular cone filters. The carafe keeps the coffee hot so no need to use the microwave to reheat.”

a tiny photo of Scott and JamieScott & Jamie

Water Pressure Regulator Valve

Water Pressure Regulator Valve

“All RVers know you need a pressure regulator for those times you go to connect to that water source that has 90 PSI or even higher at times. This one is adjustable so you can set the water pressure you want within reason.”

a tiny photo of The Gillis FamilyThe Gillis Family

Man holding a tire pressure monitoring system

Real Time Tire Pressure Monitoring System

“Here is another must for anyone who travels whether it be fulltime, part time or just for vacation. Before taking off to travel fulltime, we made sure to purchase this Tire Pressure Monitoring System for our Airstream tires. It gives us peace of mind driving down the road because we can always glance at the screen to monitor what our tire pressures are doing. It really came in handy when we drove through the panhandle of Oklahoma on a 100 plus degree day. The TPMS alerted us that our Airstream tires were becoming over pressurized due to the hot road. We pulled over, let air out of the tires and went on our way safely.”

a tiny photo of Tanner and NallelyTanner and Nallely’s Favorite Camping Gear

air purifier

Pure Zone Air Purifier

“My single most cherished appliance is my Hepa Air filter. Why? Because when RVing you can’t always control what is in the air around your rig. Forest fire smoke, campfire or cigarette smoke from neighbors are common culprits. One time a farmer sprayed chokings pesticides on his field right outside my door! Gross and carcinogenic! Being able to close up my home and clean the air fast is a non-negotiable for me. I recently wall-mounted this compact unit from Pure Enrichment upside down over my bed so it is always available when needed. With a CADR of 80 CFM, it gives me 9 air changes per hour (ACH) in my tiny rig. Choose higher CADR ratings for larger spaces.”

a tiny photo of MargotMargot’s Favorite Camping Gear

tub shroom

Tub Shroom Hair Catcher

“The tubshroom is a must for the delicate plumbing of the RVs. A simple way to clean the shower drain of all the loose hair. And if you’re like me and shave in the shower to keep the mess to a minimum in those often cramped RV bathrooms, then this is what you’ve been looking for.”

a tiny photo of JPJ.P.’s Favorite Camping Gear

Aeropress Coffee & Espresso Maker


“I need an easy way to make my morning cup of Joe since I’m not plugged into shore power ever, so I can’t use a fancy automatic coffee pot thingy. Enter the Aeropress. It’s simple, light, compact, and makes a cup of coffee. Exactly what I need for my tiny house and non-discriminating taste when it comes to coffee.”

a tiny photo of MarshallMarshall’s Favorite Camping Gear

colorful ice cubes and a cup

Reusable Ice Cubes

“Most RV refrigerators don’t come with an ice cube maker and the need to conserve water while boondocking led to our discovering these ice cubes. They are easy to clean and reusable. They keep our drinks ice cold without watering them down.”

a tiny photo of Kyle and MichelleKyle and Michelle’s Favorite Camping Gear

mosquito repeller

Backpacker Mosquito Repeller

“We like spending time outside but hate mosquitoes and other flying insects. We have a couple of Thermacells and they work great by hiding your scent from the bugs. Friends tell us that they are even effective against the hordes of mosquitoes in Alaska. The backpacker version (top one in photo) is our favorite because you can get 90 hrs out of the cheap stove canisters (less $6 at places like Walmart).”

a tiny photo of Scott and JamieScott & Jamie’s Favorite Camping Gear